Zurich guide: best places to visit

Visit the world’s largest financial centre and the wealthiest city in Europe. Located in north central Switzerland on the northwestern side of Lake Zurich, this city will give you the pleasure to explore both the traditional and modern way of life. The rich history, breathtaking geography, non-stop transportation, boat trips, museums, art galleries, parks and theatres, are some of the things and places that you can experience in this city dating from 15 BC.

Ride a bike, take the train, or just walk through the narrow streets to visit every single place where the modern world adjoins the traditional. While there, don’t forget to taste the delicious food served in the restaurants near the lake.

Old Botanical Garden

Owned by the University of Zurich, the garden was founded in the 15th century as a private herbarium. With more than three million plants and 15,000 species of plants and trees including medicinal plants and herbs, the botanical garden is one of the most fascinating objects in Switzerland where you can scientifically explore the nature or just take a relaxed stroll.

Street Parade

Held on the second Saturday of August, the Street Parade is one of the biggest techno parades in the world. It started as a small gathering of around 1000 participants, a demonstration for freedom, love and tolerance. Now, it numbers over 1,000,000 participants and it is still one of the safest mass events due to its prevention concepts. Located exactly on Lake Zurich, the event will give you an unforgettable pleasure to dance, love and feel free. If you by any chance visit Zurich in August, don’t miss to celebrate love, freedom and dance and spend a full day with people from all over the world. You can meet people from all nationalities and religions and see middle-aged parents having great time with their children.

Zurich Opera House

Opened in 1891, the Zurich Opera House is the smallest of the world’s biggest opera houses with around 1200 seats. Its neo-rococo inside style makes it one of the most pleasant places to enjoy Weber, Wagner, and Mozart. Here, you can see and hear over 250 performances every year. It is also the home of the Bernhard-Theater Zürich.

Grossmünster Church

Lying on the banks of the Limmat River, the Grossmünster is a Protestant church built in Romanesque style. Take a walk through the magnificent cloister from the late 12th century AD. The most recognized symbol of Zurich is the twin towers of Grossmünster with high wooden steeples that were destroyed by a fire in 16th century and rebuilt later. You can also find the theological school of the University of Zurich in the annex of the church.

Giacometti murals

You have most probably never seen a decorated police station. Well, in Zurich, you can see more than that. Giacometti murals ornament the entrance of the police station in Zurich and you can hardly imagine that the building is actually a police station. You will be welcomed by a splendid hall with yellow- reddish murals. This masterpiece by Augusto Giacometti is often called “The hall of tiny flowers” because of the floral ornaments. If you want to visit this spectacular police station, take note of the opening hours: daily from 9.00am – 11.00am and 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

Uetliberg Mountain

If you have more time and you want to explore something unusual, you can climb up to the Uetliberg Mountain and enjoy in the panoramic view of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich and the Alps. Early in the morning or later in the afternoon, the best period to experience this is in November, when the fog starts to cover the pick of the mountain thus, presenting a marvelous view. But, if you visit Zurich in summer, don’t miss to take a mountain bike route.

Lindenhof, Zürich

If you simply want to take a walk and see something different, don’t skip the Lindenhof Square situated in the Old Town of Zurich. The Limmat River on the left side will give you a sense of tranquility and you will fill your lungs with fresh air due to the fact that the square is a car free zone, a recreational space and a green oasis. Here, you can get an outline of old Zurich geography while enjoying on some bench under the thick shadow of linden trees.


Zurich is one of the most organized cities in the world in all aspects including transportation. You can use a tram, bus, or boat. At around 10km from Zurich, you will find Zurich airport that is the largest and busiest airports in the country and one of the most important airports in Europe. You can also book a private taxi from Zurich airport in advance that will take you directly to your accommodation.

Top Astonishing Attractions Of Dubai That You Must Explore At Any Cost!

Where else would you find such fabulous locations other than Dubai? Yeah, this city has attracted millions of people around the world and has been noted to be one of the most favourite vacation spots among all places.


So, if you too are planning to spend your leisure time in this grand city, then here is the list of the best things to do in Dubai. You just can’t afford to miss out any of them. Check them out.

The Dubai Fountain is going to make you fall in love with it!

Once you visit this fountain, you will certainly love its performance. This fountain that is located on Burj Khalifa Lake is considered to be the largest choreographed fountain across the world. The entire fountain system is animated with great performances set to lovely music and sound that can make your experience there priceless.

The beauty that reflects by the fountains is so magical that you just can’t resist yourself from sitting there for hours! The awesome water dance sync with melodious music against the scenery of Burj Khalifa will be enough for you to be lost in the never ending happiness.

Deep Sea Fishing – Be prepared for the great excitement

If you are fond of those deep blue seas and the secrets that it encompasses, then you must not miss to visit the deep waters in Dubai at any cost, especially if you love fishing too. There are indeed many reliable companies that offer modern fishing equipment. They have several packages to cater to the different needs of every visitor.

Deep sea fishing Dubai can become the most valuable and memorable experience that you can treasure for life. Some companies provide cruise packages that take you to different places in the sea. You can even customize an itinerary, as per your wish. These services are offered at reasonable rates, so you don’t need to worry about budget.

They also provide fishing experts, who guide and familiarize tourists with fishing techniques. You will never forget your time spent in the lovely deep blue sea in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari – Have the most thrilling experience of your life!

If you are an adventure aficionado, then you would adore experiencing the action and thrill packed up in the form of Desert Safari in Dubai. This activity can genuinely make your trip most worthy and add to your excitement.

You will be amazed to watch how each car driver controls the vehicle. All the drivers try some new tricks to impress the tourists. Moreover, the mere presence of their team mates driving alongside can just double up their confidence levels.

Many of the tour companies offer this trip at affordable prices. However, don’t just go for the cheapest option available. This is actually a professional sport, so you would be in need of reliable drivers.

To conclude, the above are some of the most fascinating activities that you should experience, at least once. Make the best out of your visit in the amazing city Dubai.

Hawaiian Creole – A Hybrid Language Like No Other

Part of a Maui vacation that travelers may not necessarily be prepared for is a small language barrier when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. All of the islands of Hawaii have two official languages, English, and the language simply known as the Hawaiian language, which is a dialect of Polynesian. Not to worry, however – English is widely spoken in all areas around Maui and travelers should have no problems communicating or getting from place to place during Maui travel.

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There is a special type of language, however, that no Hawaiian-to-English dictionary could prepare a traveler for, even if they have prepared well for their Maui vacation.

Known as Pidgin, this language combines the Polynesian dialect Hawaiian language with English to create a beautiful language all its own. Also known as Hawaiian Creole, it is often easy for travelers to understand Pidgin, but not comprehend every word. Pidgin also has a tendency to reverse the verb order of words – while the language itself sounds distinctly foreign to an English speaker, English words are intertwined enough so that it is understandable.

Many Hawaiian natives began to speak Pidgin from birth, and while not an official language, those traveling to the area will most likely hear it everywhere, from retail stores to restaurants. Some common words such as “brah” or “bruddah” translate to the English form of ‘brother,” while others words sound distinctly Hawaiian in nature. For example, “hanahou” translates to “once more” or “again.”
Part of the mystique of Maui and the Hawaiian Islands is the beauty of its language. If you would like to experience the Pidgin language firsthand, book a vacation at Royal Lahaina today and let the beauty of the Islands captivate you.